Small & Big Business

There is no business too big or too small

JabberTel provides services which make it easy, for your company to enroll new customers, up-sell, manage & provide customer support.

Why choose JabberTel?

Simple Set-up

Quick & Easy Integrations

Seamless systems

24/7 Customer support

Lot's of Savings

We’ll beat out any VOIP provider

One stop shop for all services

Packages priced per month

Security you can trust

Multi-Layer Security systems

Protected Connections

Constant Outage Guard

Scale as you go

Seamless Enrollment

Services scale as you do

Applications for every business size

VoIP for Business

Voice over internet protocol means that you get a constantly steady, strong & safe connection to potential and existing customers, always.

Hosted PBX

We eliminate the hassle of difficult set up and management of your setting by hosting everything internally.

Call Center Software

Need to set up a call center or implement new efficient tools into your existing one? We have everything you need to make it happen.

CCTV for Facilities

Package visual security alongside of our other services. Our team will install and manage, 24/7 Support included.

Team Collaboration Software

Communicating with your team has never been easier, it seriously doesn't matter the size, our servers support 1000+ employees.

Cross Platform Systems

Our systems allow your team and customers to connect to our interface from any platform.

Full functionality across all your devices

Pricing for every business


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