Delivering exceptional communications, at an affordable rate so your Healthcare business can grow

JabberTel VoIP phone system for healthcare meets the Health industry standards, to ensure that in any case, from any device, your staff and patients will be able to communicate. Our broad selection of tools makes it easy to call, text and fax.

Top notch security, reliability and compliance

Securing your patient’s data is of utmost importance for JabberTel . We know that the success of your Healthcare business rely’s on it. As the Healthcare industry must meet strict code compliance and hassle free communication through VoIP phone system for healthcare. we have made it easy for you to be free of security breaches, pass audits, and avoid privacy violations.

  • Multi Level data and physical security, including SRTP/TLS encryption between endpoints.
  • We cover entities with HIPAA Business Associate Agreements.

Pumping efficiency & productivity

Just because communication expectations are high amongst Healthcare providers and their patients, doesn’t mean the cost has to be. JabberTel has made it a mission to lower costs on cloud-based communication, without sacrificing functionality and/or features.

  • Communications via Voice, SMS/MMS and Fax.
  • Mobile communication via JabberTel’s mobile IOS, Android & Desktop App.
  • Remote workshops for education and meetings.
  • All communication points integrated into one Application.

Easily communicate amongst staff and patients

JabberTel’s systems provide easy-to use applications on both the Healthcare provider and patients end. As we exist in an era where patients are extremely connected, JabberTel helps your business do exactly that, stay connected. Whether it be for your staff or the patients themselves, out dedicated systems keep the connection alive and healthy.

  • Communicate with all facility staff.
  • Easy communication for rounding and coordination services.
  • Voice  & video communications for patients to medical care provider.

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