E911 Disclosure

JabberTel E911 Disclosure

  1. Jabbertel E911 Service May Not Operate During A Power Outage. Should There Be An Interruption In The Power, The Voip Services, Including The E911 Service, Will Not Function Until Power Is Restored And Your Equipment May Need To Be Reset.
  2. Jabbertel E911 Service Will Not Operate If Your Broadband Connection Is Disrupted. Service Outages, Interruptions Or Degradation, Or Termination Or Suspension For Any Reason, Of Service By Your Broadband Provider And/or Isp Or By Jabbertel Will Prevent You From Using The Voip Services, Including E911 Service.
  3. Jabbertel E911 Service Calls May Not Complete Or May Be Routed To Emergency Personnel Who Will Not Be Able To Assist If You Disable, Damage Or Move The Equipment To A Location Other Than The Registered Address You Provided To Jabbertel When Service Was Initiated. E911 Service Will Not Function If You Move Your Device To A Different Street Address Or Location Other Than Your Registered Service Address. It May Take Several Days For Any Change In Address To Be Processed. Accordingly, You Should Notify Jabbertel In Advance Of Any And All Changes To Your Service Address By Contacting A Customer Care Representative At 1.855.432.3663.
  4. Failure To Provide The Current And Correct Physical Address And Location Of Your Device May Result In Any 911 Call You Make Being Routed To The Incorrect Local Emergency Service Provider And Emergency Personnel Being Dispatched To The Incorrect Location.
  5. Customer Also Acknowledges That Jabbertel E911 Service Has Certain Characteristics That Distinguish It From Traditional, Legacy, Circuit-switched 911 Service. These Characteristics May Make Jabbertel E911 Services Unsuitable For Some Customers. Because Customer Circumstances Vary Widely, Customers Should Carefully Evaluate Their Own Circumstances When Deciding Whether To Rely Solely Upon Jabbertel E911 Service. Customer Acknowledges That It Is Customer’s Responsibility To Determine The Technology Or Combination Of Technologies Best Suited To Meet Customer’s Emergency Calling Needs, And To Make The Necessary Provisions For Access To Emergency Calling Services (Such As Maintaining A Conventional Landline Phone Or Wireless Phone As A Backup To Complete Emergency Calls).
  6. Emergency Personnel May Not Be Able To Identify Your Phone Number In Order To Call You Back. You Understand And Acknowledge That Public Safety Answering Point (“psap”) And Emergency Personnel May Not Be Able To Identify Your Phone Number In Order To Call You Back If The Call Cannot Be Completed, Is Dropped Or Disconnected And/or If Your E911 Service Is Not Operational For Any Reason.
  7. In No Event Shall Jabber Telecommunications Inc , Or Its Affiliates, Officers, Directors, Employees, Representatives, Agents Or Any Other Third-party Provider Or Vendor Who May Furnish Services Or Products To You In Connection With The Voip Services Or The Equipment Be Held Liable For Any Claim, Damage, Or Loss Whatsoever Arising From Or Relating To 911 Dialing And You Hereby Waive Any And All Such Claims Or Causes Of Action Arising From Or Relating To 911 Dialing.
  8. Jabbertel Does Not Have Any Control Over Whether, Or The Manner In Which, 911 Calls Using The Voip Services Are Answered Or Addressed By Any Local Emergency Response Center. Jabbertel Disclaims All Responsibility For The Conduct Of Local Emergency Response Centers And The National Emergency Calling Center. Jabbertel Relies On Third Parties To Assist Jabbertel To Route 911 Calls To Local Emergency Response Centers. Jabberteldisclaims Any And All Liability Or Responsibility In The Event Such Third Party Data Used To Route Calls Is Incorrect Or Yields An Erroneous Result.
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