Simple Needs

  • Windows And Mac Desktop
    Manage calls from your desktop, make and receive phone calls from your desktop, and communicate seamlessly on the go.
  • SRPT Encryptions
    JabberTel is a provider of true, full encryption. Keep you and your customers protected with quality security.
  • Call Center Applications
    Our Simple Call Center Solutions are customized to your business. Minimize wait times while maximizing customer service.
  • On-Demand Simple Reporting
    JabberTel's Simple Reporting Tool provides real-time data analytics. See peak volume times and phone usage to manage your staff accordingly.
  • On-Demand Call Recording
    Record calls from your office or on the go. Easily save, email, or replay and listen to previous calls.
  • Management Portals
    JabberTel’s Call Control Management Dashboard provides a simple web‐based portal allowing you to customize your phone service features. Manage and control what happens when the phones ring from one location.
  • Visual Voicemail
    Easily keep all your messages in one location. Set notifications for new voicemails or simply have them emailed to you.
  • Personal Dashboards
    Enables individual users to change their personal call forwarding, ring duration and voice mail settings as well as search through their personal missed, dialed and received call histories.
  • Scalability
    Easily scale your communications – as your company grows or call volume changes, JabberTel allows for the ability to modify your SIP Trunk configuration quickly, easily and affordably. You can add or remove phone numbers and SIP trunks instantly.
  • JabberFax
    JabberTel’s Simple Reporting Tool is the Next-gen technology which computes – raw information into Business Intelligence Data. SimpleBID is a suite of data collections which is transformed into actionable figures and stats.
  • JabberIM
    Keep employees connected regardless of their location. JabberIM is an instant messaging service to connect your employees quickly and efficiently.
  • HD Audio Conferencing
    Ability to hold secure meetings via phone with unlimited number of users dialing in from any location globally.

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